Monday, 12 March 2012

Lady shopping

Coquette lady, you are welcome in my lady shopping blog!  

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fantasy earrings

Golden clip on earrings 2   Eur 13,00

fantasy earrings

Golden clip on earrings 3   Eur 28,50 

fantasy earrings

Clip on earrings, chocolate,  Eur 11,00

Fantasy earrings

Green clip on earrings   Eur 5,00


Fantasy earrrings

Red clip on earrings 1  Eur 5,00

Fantasy earrings

Multicolored clip on earrings   Eur  35,00

Fantasy earrings

Red clip on earrings 2  Eur 7,00

Fantasy earrings

Violet fashion earrings 2   Eur 43,00

Fantasy earrings

Blach fashion earrings, Real stone   Eur 7,00

Fantasy earrings

Heart gilt gold earrings    Eur  48,40  

Fantasy earrings

Gilt gold earrings 2    Eur 48,40

Fantasy earrings

Gilt gold earrings 3    Eur 48,40

Virgo medallion

Zodiac signs medallion  Virgo  Eur  35,00

Leo medallion

Zodiac sign medallion  Leo  Eur 35,00

Cancer medallion

Zodiac sign medallion Cancer  Eur 35,00

Gemini medallion

Zodiac sign medallion Gemini  Eur 35,00

Taurus medallion

Zodiac sign medallion Taurus  Eur 35,00

Pisces medallion

Zodiac sign medallion  Pisces  Eur 35,00

Aries medallion

Zodiac sign medallion Aries  Eur 35,00

Sagittarius medallion

Zodiac sign medallion Sagittarius  Eur 35,00

Capricorn medallion

Zodiac sign medallion  Capricorn  Eur 35,00

Scorpio medallion

Zodiac sign medallion  Scorpio  Eur 35,00

Fantasy earrings

Dogs gold plated earrings  33,50  

Fantasy earrings

Small hoop earrings 1, gold plated   Eur  30,50

Fantasy earrings

Small hoop earrings 2  gold plated  Eur  30,50

Fantasy earrings

Small hoop earrings 3, gold plated  Eur  30,50

Fantasy earrings

Small hoop earrings 4, gold plated  Eur 30,50

Fantasy earrings

Small hoop earrings 5, gold plated   Eur  30,50

Fantasy necklace

Small necklace with fake white pearls 1  Eur 5,50

Fantasy necklace

Small necklace with fake pearls 2  Eur 4,50

Fantasy necklace

Fake white pearls necklace 3  Eur 5,50

Fantasy necklace

Pink necklace 1   Eur 12,50

Fantasy necklace

Real pearls necklace    Eur 22,00

Fantasy necklace

Necklace with real pearls  Eur 14,50

Fantasy necklace

Necklace with real pearls   Eur 11,50

Fantasy necklace

Necklace with real pearls   Eur 13,00

Fantasy necklace

 White pearls necklace  4  Eur 5,50

Fantasy necklace

Fake white pearls necklace 5   Eur 18,50

Fantasy necklace

Shell necklace   Eur 12,20

Fantasy necklace

Black & pink necklace   Eur 10,50

Fantasy necklace

Black necklace  Eur 10,50

Fantasy necklace

Long necklace   + bracelet    Eur 25,00

Fantasy necklace

Golden string of pearls   Eur 32,00

Jewel set

Long necklace + bracelet 2  Eur 32,00   

Sunday, 19 February 2012


A jewel, it is a taste affair, a jewel shouldn't be bought randomly. It is necessary to know how to wear it, to go well it with a dress, with your face...
A jewel can be an eccentric accessory, smart, sexy, discreet... For everything be perfect, he needs to marry with the chosen dress, and match with your personality.
There are attractive jewels, we like look at them, touch them, sometimes a sentimental link is created.

Which jewel wear?

. With a poloneck winter sweater, a string of pearls, a long necklace with big pearls, or medium sized pearls, the important is that it be conspicuous, not a small and thin necklace. A beautiful long necklace on a warm sweater can be very smart, and emphasis a simple woolen jumper. Don't hesitate to wear several necklaces od different size, for example a long necklace and another smaller necklace.

. With a collarless sweater, a cardigan, as the throat is naked, choose a choker, it can be charming. With a a collarless sweater, every fantasies are allowed: a short necklace with big pearls, or with several ranks, vaporous necklace, discreet string of pearls...

My personal touch: a scarf or a bandana with a long necklace over,  you can keep it all the day, at home, in winter, you feel warm while having a personalised look. You can be dressed like this in spring too, when you don't go out with a coat, but with a small  jacket! 

. With a cleavage, dare a long necklace  plunging in your cleavage, making your dress more daring, particularly if your cleavage is deep. That way, il will be  even more accentuated and ...  coquettish! A string of pearls also enhance the chest with sensuality. 
If you have a dating, he will be forced to plunge his look in order to admire your jewel!
If you want  more discreetness, with a light cleavage and a necklace don't plunging to your chest, then choose elegance and discreet seduction, for example, a small cleavage with a choker will be perfect. 

. With a light shirt, a thin necklace, nothing too big, too heavy. A thin long necklace can be lovely. 

A jewel according to the hair

This is a important detail. Yours jewels must be in harmony with your hairstyle and enhance you.

. Jewels and long hair:  With the hair loose, it is better to wear jewels more visible. Tiny earrings and a small necklace will  be obviously unnoticed. Choose rather a visible necklace and long earrings, hoop earrings for example, or sleeper earrings.
If your long hair are in braids, bun, or any other hairstyle that brighten the face and the ears, you can wear discreets jewels.
Don't forget: if your long hair hide your face and your ears, your
earrings won't be visible, it is better to pull your hair in a bun, for example, and you can use hairstyling items that will emphasize your face and your jewels! 

. Jewels and short hair: With very short hair, you can be feminine with big clip on earrings, sleepings earrings...  above all, if  your face and your ears are not hidden by hair, you can wear all the earrings you want, and create a sexy look! You can put  hairclips in order to be more feminine.        

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Original jewel

My necklace creation, made with real pearls

Original jewel

 My bracelet creation, made with real pearls, an original jewel
that dresses the wrist with pretty colors


Friday, 10 February 2012

Torrente scarf

Torrente vintage scarf  Eur 69,60

Fantasy scarf

Mauve scarf with flowers  100 % polyester  Eur  15,50